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20 Jul 2013

Dress Punk in the summer

- Tattoos are a must in a punk look. You can go for artificial tattoos to complete the look. If you go for a tattoo, make sure the needles are properly sterilized - You can go for tears
20 Jul 2013

Make Doll Pajamas from Socks

- Be careful while cutting the sock with scissors as you want to use as much of it as possible. - Image Courtesy:
20 Jul 2013

Wear a Blazer with a Dress

- Check fashion magazines for some excellent tips on wearing blazers with dresses. - Ask your fashion savvy friends for some good advice on wearing blazers with dresses. - Image Courtesy:
19 Jul 2013

Stretch Shoes with Rubbing Alcohol

- Only leather based shoes can be stretched with rubbing alcohol. It means that the above method of stretching shoes would not work if your shoes were made of denim, plastic or any other material but leather. -
17 Jul 2013

Get a Body like Brad Pitt

- Other than getting a body like Brad Pitt, you should copy his hair style and dressing style in order to look more like him. - Image Courtesy:
15 Jul 2013

Set in Sleeve Sewing

- Be careful while sewing and remain focused. Any negligence on your part can be costly. - Image courtesy:
15 Jul 2013

Make a Hagrid Costume

- For a more complete Hagrid look, consider adding a magical motorcycle to the costume. Hagrid was seen on that bicycle multiple times during the Harry Potter series. Initially when Harry was dropped off at the Dursley’s
13 Jul 2013

Make a Cross Knot Friendship Bracelet

- Simply repeat a knot more than once to vary the bracelet’s pattern and use charms and beads as objects of added embellishment if required. - Make sure that the colours you choose for making the bracelet are