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19 Sep 2013

Buy Jewelry Repair Tools

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19 Aug 2013

Wind a Ball of Yarn

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19 Aug 2013

Clean a Bracelet Watch

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16 Aug 2013

Tie a Munter Hitch Knot

This will not serve just like a proper belaying device would. Belaying devices or BDs are available in numerous designs, offering a lot of functionality. If you are a regular climber, you should invest in a good
15 Aug 2013

Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold

- Always sell gold to a reputable gold dealer who has been in the market for a long time. - Don't sell gold coins with the rest of your jewellery because coins often have numismatic value. - Image Courtesy:
29 Jul 2013

Fold a T-Shirt in Two Seconds

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27 Jul 2013

Determine Your Ring Size

- The fingers are normally swollen at night, which is why you should take the measurement of your ring size at night. - Just to be sure, take several measurements of your ring finger and then take an
26 Jul 2013

Pick Out Bridesmaid Dresses

- Do not shy away from taking opinion from your bridesmaids. - Image courtesy: