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14 Dec 2013

Tie a Bow Tie

- Image courtesy:
25 May 2013

Dress for a Baby’s Baptism

- Ask the parents of the child if there is anything special that you should consider when picking your clothes out. - Image courtesy:
23 May 2013

Dress With Style and Vavoom After Forty

- Whatever you are wearing, just be confident and let the vavoom flow. - Image
21 May 2013

Wear a Ring Sling

- The important thing to remember here is that the baby’s weight should be evenly distributed when he/she in the sling. - Make sure you keep the baby's head on the side so that it doesn’t bump into
30 Apr 2013

Dress Like a Rockabilly Chick

- Bangs, pomp and fringe are preferred rockabilly hair styles. - Image courtesy:
29 Apr 2013

Create Comic Strips Like Charles Schulz

- You cannot produce work like Charles Schulz overnight so be consistent and patient. - Image Courtesy:
29 Apr 2013

Wear a Handkerchief for Men

- Do not use the handkerchief in your suit’s breast pocket to clean your nose. - Image Courtesy:
20 Apr 2013

Dress Like a Rapper

- Do not get stuck with your style. Be ready to do experiments with your dressing. - Image Courtesy: