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17 Jun 2013

Know If You Have Insomnia

- Insomnia is more common than most people think. - If you feel that you might have insomnia then visit a doctor immediately. - Image Courtesy:
14 Jun 2013

Choose a Vitamin B Supplement

- Always talk to a doctor before taking any sort of medication or Vitamin B supplement. - Image Courtesy:
14 Jun 2013

Run an Ultramarathon

- You must take very good care of yourself. Treat all the minor injuries immediately otherwise they will become major hurdles in your way to success. - Image Courtesy:
12 Jun 2013

Get Stronger Arms Without Working Out

- Having a nice and balanced diet is also very important in order to have strong arms. - Image courtesy:
12 Jun 2013

Diagnose Testicular Cancer

- If you are worried about having kids, consult your doctor about saving some of your sperm before having an operation on your testicles. - Image Courtesy:
11 Jun 2013

Avoid Getting Sick When Everyone Else Is

- Urge sick people around you to put their hands on the mouth while they sneeze. - Try to avoid conversing with sick people, especially those who breathe heavily and have a habit of spewing sliva while they
11 Jun 2013

Use a Tanning Bed

- Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual of the tanning bed. - Ask a friend to come over if you plan on using your tanning bed as it is good idea to have someone close by in
11 Jun 2013

Relieve Sore Muscles

- Image Courtesy: