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25 Jul 2013

Treat a Bruised Toenail

- People suffering from diabetes, poor circulation, neuropathy or a poor immune system should visit a podiatrist instead of making attempts to heal the bruised toenail on their own. - Image Courtesy:
29 Jun 2013

Treat a Broken Arm

- In case you feel you have a broken bone, you should immediately seek medical help. - You need to follow up with your doctor in order to remove the cast. - In case of serious injury, you
28 Jun 2013

Perform a Judo Hip Throw

- Try not to hurt your arm when trying this technique. - Image Courtesy:
26 Jun 2013

Test for OCD

- Do not start panicking if you are diagnosed with OCD. The mental disorder is far more common than you think. - Do not give up on living a normal life once you become aware of your abnormal
26 Jun 2013

Start a Running Routine

- You should be aware of your limits, so never put extra burden on your body. - Image Courtesy:
25 Jun 2013

Start Exercising Again

- You may find exercising hard for the initial few days but you will gradually start to enjoy it. - Image courtesy:
22 Jun 2013

Care for Sore Muscles

- Always warm up properly before exercising or going for your routine workout. - Image Courtesy:
18 Jun 2013

Build Pectoral Muscles at Home

- Other than exercise, you have to take care of your diet too. Remember eating protein rich food, which will help you develop muscles pretty quickly. - Image