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20 Nov 2013

Lose a Few Extra Pounds

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8 Nov 2013

lose weight in a hurry

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11 Jun 2013

Lose Weight While You Sleep

- You can have a protein shake in order to keep your stomach filled for the night and avoid feeling hungry in the morning. - Do not expect to lose a lot of weight while sleeping as your
2 Jun 2013

Lose the Baby Weight

- You need to be patient as losing the weight will take its time. You cannot expect to lose a considerable amount of weight in weeks or days. - Having a partner while exercising is very important. This
29 May 2013

Prepare a Low Calorie Pizza

- You can also store pizza dough in fridge, where it should last from 7 to 10 days; however, frozen dough can last for up to two months. To refrigerate the dough, spray a plastic bag with
28 May 2013

Decide on Gastric Bypass Surgery to Lose Weight

- Be prepared for rapid weight loss in the first week. - Follow the diet book. If you eat something you should not, then there is high probability that you can become sick. - Image courtesy: blog.yaaree.com
21 May 2013

Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

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29 Apr 2013

Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate

- You can always consult your physician or a nutrition expert to help you out devising a weight-loss diet plan. - Image Courtesy: redbookmag.com