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7 Nov 2013

Look Cute Without Makeup

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9 Oct 2013

How People Become Magnetic

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18 Sep 2013

Get Rid Of an Ingrown Armpit Hair

- Never try to shave off the underarm are there are in grown hair present.
6 Aug 2013

Paint Your Toenails Perfectly

- You should get a color which suits your skin tone. - In case you are facing trouble with nail polish bubbling, you can store it in the fridge. Doing this will refrain separating and as a
6 Aug 2013

Keep Tattoos from Fading in Tanning Bed

- Do not expose a new tattoo to the tanning bed as that will cause more damage. Let the tattoo heal for about two weeks before you visit the spa. - Tanning your skin too much will cause
30 Jul 2013

Lift One Eyebrow Up

- If you do not have tape or your skin is irritated by the adhesive on the tape, then you can simply use your finger to hold your eyebrow in the raised position instead of using tape. -
29 Jul 2013

Choose the Right Foundation

- While buying the foundation from the market, always go for recommended brands. Using low quality foundation can harm your skin. - Image courtesy:
29 Jul 2013

Cover Up a Black Eye without Makeup

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